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Many people have been asking which books would be useful for learning about Proto-Indo-European Religion, and the unfortunate fact is that nothing really useful has been published. That is the reason I have set up this entire website. [fuggle26]

Many books have been published however, and I will be listing them here, and whenever I have the time, reviewing them so that you can see which might have value for you. As usual, I will be especially interested in books which take a linguistic approach and which have high standards of scholarship, but I will also be reviewing popular books on less scholarly subjects like Goddess Religion, Druidism, etc. That way, you can choose what you like.

General Books on Indo-European linguistics

Indo-European and the Indo-Europeans: A Reconstruction and Historical Analysis of a Proto-Language and a Proto-Culture, (Trends in Linguistics: Studies and Monographs 80, 2 Vol. Set), by Thomas V. Gamkrelidze and Vjaceslav V. Ivanov, with Werner Winter, ed., and Johanna Nichols, translator (original title Indoevropeiskii iazyk i indoevropeistsy), M. De Gruyter, Berlin & NY, 1995.
The Oxford Introduction to Proto-Indo-European and the Proto-Indo-European World, by J. P. Mallory and Douglas Q. Adams, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2006.
Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture, ed. by J. P. Mallory and Douglas Q. Adams, Fitzroy Dearborn, London, 1997.
In Search of the Indo-Europeans by J.P. Mallory, Thames and Hudson, London and New York, 1989. This is an excellent book explaining what we know about the Indo-Europeans and how we know it. This is presently available on, though I don't understand how that is not a copyright violation.

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