Festivals, Food and Farming

This page lists a few of the Indo-European Pagan festivals organized by month and, very roughly, by climate with separate columns for Mediterranean areas (Greece, Rome and Spain), northern Europe (Celtic, Germanic, Slavic and Baltic areas) and the eastern reach, (Persia and India, with very few entries at this time). Whenever possible, information has been provided for the myths and the beautiful music associated with these festivals, in the hope that you will also enjoy celebrating life in story and song.

Festival Calendar for the Indo-Europeans

Date Mediterranean countries northern Europe Persia, India
Jan. 7 Blessing the Seed, for Ceres Plow Songs
early January
Wassailing the Apple Trees songs
Feb. 1/2 Lupercalia Imbolc, Spurcalia
Sun March 21
Spring Equinox

Easter Goddess, and Easter Eggs Nov Ruz (Persian New Year) Gahambar Traditions (recipes)
Date Mediterranean countries northern Europe Persia, India
early April

Yezidi festival of Sere Sal, the New Year and welcoming spring (in Iraq, Syria, Kurdistan and nearby areas)
April 15 Fordicalia festival to protect the winter grain

Dark of the Moonbegins April 30, originally at the dark of the Moon Floralia begins Walpurgis Night for Goddess Freya
May 1 Floralia continues continuation of May Day Revels;

mid May, winter grain harvest
May Harvest
June 1 Carnalia, fava bean harvest

Full Moon icon June 9-15 Vestalia for Vesta

Date Mediterranean countries northern Europe Persia, India
July 5-7 Bouphonia Festival and Poplifugia and the Festival of Romulus
IE Creation Myth

Aug. 1
grain harvest

Lammas, Lughnasadh, Harvest Festivals with Songs to Celebrate the Harvest
mid Sept.
apple harvest
Sept. 23-25
Apjumibas festival in Lithuania
Date Mediterranean countries northern Europe Persia, India
Oct. Thesmophoria for Demeter, planting winter grain

Dark of the Moon iconbegins Oct. 31, originally at the dark of the Moon.
Samhain (Celtic) and Halloween (Germanic), Stories and Songs for Halloween and Samhain, Myth of Ymir, slaughter of livestock Bhai Dooj, Oct. 25, 2014 moveable
Nov. 1
continuation of Samhain and Halloween, IE Creation Myth
Dec. 21, Winter Solstice
Saturnalia begins on Dec. 17 Yule Songs and Yule Decorations
Dec. 22, or the day after the Winter Solstice (now day after xmas, Dec. 26) Eponalia, Celtic festival, Dec. 18 Hunting the Wren customs, Wren King Songs and How Lleu Llaw Gyffes Got His Name, a Celtic myth [fuggle26]

New Moon Waxing Moon Full Moon Waning Moon Dark of the Moon Sun

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