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Early English Text Society Publications
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Important Dates in the development of the English Language
All dates are CE (Common Era).
Old English (or Anglo-Saxon), 5th to 1066, e.g. Beowulf
Bede 673-735, wrote in Latin, but works translated into Old English
• King Alfred, 849-899, translator
• Abbot Ælfric, 955-1020, translator
• 1066 Battle of Hastings, introduction of French
• Early Middle English, 1200-1470; e.g. Chaucer
• Late Middle English, 1470-1550
• Early Modern English, 1550 to present, e.g. Shakespeare

The Early English Text Society (EETS) first began to publish in 1864. The purpose was to put into print all early texts in the English language which had only been known through manuscript (handwritten) copies or very rare printed copies. This project was done in conjunction with the production of the Oxford English Dictionary.

This page lists the publications in the Early English Text Society series, with their numbers, proper titles and with some additional information that I thought was interesting or useful. The EETS is still publishing so new titles will be added as they come out. Abbreviations used are: OS = Original Series, and ES = Extra Series.

The list on this page has been made to provide a good, searchable database. For this reason, some of the eccentric spelling has been left as is, and some has been corrected in brackets to modern equivalents. The dates for the texts are approximate and relate to the composition or translation of the English version which is often centuries later than the date of composition of the original text.

EETS publications can now be ordered directly from the Early English Text Society. They have a list of EETS publications through 2015 on this pdf.
Boydell & Brewer is no longer carrying the EETS publications.

EETS # Title Date, approx. Author or Editor
OS 1 Early English Alliterative Poems: Pearl, Cleanness, Patience; Cotton Nero A. x. 14th Gawain poet
OS 2 Arthur, from Liber Rubeus Bathoniae ms. [matter of Arthur] 1428
OS 3 Office and Dewtie of Kyngis, by William Lauder (Duty of Kings) 1556 Lauder
OS 4 Sir Gawayne and the Green Knight, Cotton Nero A. x. 1360 c. Gawain poet
OS 5 Orthographie and Congruitie of the Britan Tongue, by Alexander Hume
OS 6 Lancelot of the Laik, a Scottish Metrical Romance (lovely) 1490 - 1500 ed. Skeat
OS 7 Genesis and Exodus, Corpus Christi College ms. 1250 anon.
OS 8 Morte Arthur, from Thornton ms. at Lincoln Cath. [matter of Arthur] 14th - 15th
OS 9 Speght’s edition of Chaucer
ed. Thynne
OS 10 Merlin, Part 1 (theory, no text) see OS 112 for the text 1450- 1460
OS 11 Monarche, Books 1 and 2, (David Lindesay’s Works, Part 1) from Scotland 1566 Lyndesay
OS 12 The Wright’s Chaste Wife, MS Lambeth 306, (see also OS 84) two versions, plus the “Women” song, 1462 Adam of Cobsam
OS 13 Seinte Marherete, life of the saint in various versions 1200, 1350, 1460 ed. Cockayne
OS 14 King Horn, Floriz and Blauncheflur, and The Assumption of Our Lady 13th? ed. McKnight
OS 15 Political, Religious and Love Poems by Lydgate, Ros, Baradoun, Huchen & Metham 1448 etc. various; ed. Furnival
OS 16 Book of Quinte Essence, Sloane ms. 73 (how to make alcohol and other alchemical nonsense) 1460- 1470 Hermes Trismegistus
OS 17 Piers Plowman (Parallel Extracts from 45 mss.) 1362 ? William Langland, ed. Skeat
OS 18 Hali Meidenhad (Holy Maidenhead) MS. Bodley 34 and BM Cotton Titus D. 18 1200? ed. Furnival
OS 19 Monarche, Books 3 & 4, Political Poems (David Lindesay’s Works, Part 2) 1500’s Lyndesay
OS 20 English Prose Treatises, by Richard Rolle de Hampole
OS 21 Merlin, Part 2 (theory, no text), [matter of Arthur] 1450- 1460
OS 22 Romans (Romance) of Partenay or of Lusignen, or the Tale of Melusine, Trinity College Camb. R.3.17 1500, before
OS 23 Ayenbit of Inwyt, Vol. 1, Text, (“Again-bite of In-wit,” the Prick of Conscience), transl. from French Le Somme le Roi, Arundel Ms. 57, see OS 278 1340 Michel, Dan
OS 24 Hymns to the Virgin and Christ, The Parliament of Devils, etc.

OS 25 Stacions of Rome (list of churches), Pilgrim’s Sea-voyage (a poem), Clene Maydenhod (for nuns) 1370
OS 26 Religious Pieces in Prose and Verse, Thornton Ms. 1373
OS 27 Levins’ Manipulus Vocabulorum, a rhyming dictionary 1570 Levins, Peter
OS 28 Vision of Piers the Ploughman, by William Langland, Part 1 (Part 2 is OS 38) 1362 Langland; ed. Skeat
OS 29 Homilies in Old English (1220-30), Series 1, Part 1 1220- 1230
OS 30 Pierce the Ploughman’s Crede and poem God Spede the Plough, 1500 AD 1394 ed. Skeat
ES 1 William of Palerne (Palermo) or William and the Werwolf, transl. from French; also frag. of a Romance of Alexander 1350 ed. Skeat
ES 2 Early English Pronunciation, Part 1 (see also ES 7, ES 14, ES 23) 1871 Ellis
OS 31 Myrc’s Instructions for Parish Priests, in verse, transl. from Latin, Cotton MS Claud. A. ii 1450 Mirk, John
OS 32 Early English Meals and Manners, with 4 different texts, and pictures, includes Boar’s Head Carols, “The Babees Book”, etc., (orig. pub. 1868) 1500’s?
OS 33 Book of the Knight of La Tour-Landry, his advice to his daughters 1371, 1484 Geoffrey de la Tour-Landry
OS 34 Homilies in Old English (before 1300), Series 1, Part 2. O.E. orig. with Engl transl. 1200- 1300 anon.
OS 35 Historie and Testament of Squyer Meldrum, (David Lindesay’s Works, Pt. 3) 1594? Lyndesay
ES 3 Caxton’s Book of Curtesye, three texts 1477-8 Caxton & others; ed. Furnivall
ES 4 Havelok the Dane, a Lay; Ms. Laud misc. 108 1280 ed. Skeat
ES 5 Consolation of Philosophy, by Boethius, transl. of Chaucer, Latin orig. 14th Chaucer transl.; ed. Morris
ES 6 Chevalare Assigne (Knight of the Swan), a romance, BM Ms. Cotton Caligula A.2; French original, earliest known 1190 1460 ed. Gibbs
OS 36 Merlin, Part 3, On Arthurian Localities

OS 37 Ane Satyre of the thrie Estaits, (David Lindesay’s Works, Part 4) 1602 Lindesay
OS 38 Vision of Piers the Ploughman, Part 2 (Part 1 was OS 28) 1362-80 William Langland; ed. Skeat
OS 39 Gest Historiale of the Destruction of Troy, Part 1, transl. from Guido de Colonna’s 1287 version. OS 56 is Part 2 14th ed. Panton and Donaldson
ES 7 Early English Pronunciation, Part 2, (see ES 2) 1871 Ellis
ES 8 A Book of Precedence (many different texts on manners, social), plus Italian Courtesy Books (Part 2?), called Queen Elizabeth’s Achademy 16th Humphrey Gilbert
ES 9 Fraternitye of Vacabondes, by Awdeley; A Caveat, by Thomas Harman; Conny-catching, with illustrations and other tracts (on thievery) 16th various; ed. by Furnivall
OS 40 English Gilds, statutes and customs, Latin is transl.; English is left as is 14th- 15th
OS 41 Minor Poems of William Lauder
OS 42 Minor Poems of William Lauder, Bernardus De Cura Rei Famuliaris, Early Scottish Prophecies
OS 43 Minor Poems of William Lauder, Ratis Raving, and other Moral and Religious Pieces
ES 10 Introduction of Knowledge, by Andrew Borde; Dyetary of Helth, by Andrew Boorde; In Defence of the Berde [Beard], by Barnes 1547 Boorde, Barnes, etc.
ES 11 Bruce, Part 1 (war between Scotland and England 1286-1332), also ES 21, 29, 55 1375 Barbour; ed. Skeat
OS 44 Joseph of Arimathea, or the Romance of the Seint Graal, or Holy Grail, in the Vernon MS. with many variant versions. 1500’s ed. Skeat
OS 45 Gregory’s Pastoral Care, West Saxon Version with English transl., Part 1
Alfred; ed. Sweet
OS 46 Legends of the Holy Rood, Symbols, etc.

OS 47 Minor Poems, mostly political, (David Lindesay’s Works, Part 5) 1537+ Lyndesay
OS 48 Time’s Whistle and other Poems by R.C., satires against atheists, etc. 1616 R.C. is unknown
ES 12 England in Henry VIII’s time, a dialogue, Part 2 (Part 1 is ES 32) 1538 Starkey
ES 13 A Supplicacyon of the Beggars, tracts for the Reformation at the time of Henry VIII 1528 Simon Fish
ES 14 Early English Pronunciation, Part 3, see ES 2 1871 Ellis
OS 49 Old English Misc. with a Bestiary, Kentish Sermons, Proverbs of Alfred, Religious Poems of the 13th cent., includes Shires and Hundreds of England 13th?
OS 50 Gregory’s Pastoral Care, West Saxon Version with English transl., Part 2, (with OS 45)
Gregory; transl. Alfred
OS 51 The Liflade of St. Juliana, two versions, [an ugly martyr’s tale] 1230 ed. Cokayne
OS 52 Palladius On Husbondrie (Husbandry), Part 1 (Part 2 is OS 72), from a 4th century Latin original 1420 Palladius; anon. transl.
ES 15 Selected Works of Robert Crowley, with Thirty-one Epigrams, and other essays 1550 Crowley, Robert
ES 16 Treatise on the Astrolabe by Geoffrey Chaucer, (from 16 mss.), with plates drawn by Skeat 1400 Chaucer; ed. Skeat
ES 17 Complaynt of Scotlande, Part 1, with four additional tracts appended, [political] 1549
OS 53 Homilies in Old English, Series 2, (actually Middle English), Trinity College Cambridge, ms B.14.52, with three hymns to Virgin with music 14th ed. Morris
OS 54 Vision of Piers the Ploughman, Part 3; also Richard the Redeless, 1399; and Crowned King, a later imitation of 1415 1362-93 William Langland; ed. Skeat
OS 55 Generydes, a Romance, Part 1, Trinity College Lib., Cambridge O.5.2, (Part 2 is OS 70) 15th anon.
ES 18 Complaynt of Scotlande, Part 2, (Part 1 is ES 17) 1549
ES 19 Myroure of Oure Ladye, Offices of a nunnery of St. Bridget of Sweden 15th- 16th
OS 56 Gest Historiale of the Destruction of Troy, Part 2; Part 1 is OS 39 14th Huchowne; ed. Panton & Donaldson
OS 57 Cursor Mundi, Part 1, [see OS 59, 62, 66, 68, 99, 101] 14th anon.
OS 58 Blickling Homilies, Part 1; Anglo-Saxon for various saints, see OS 63, OS 73 979
ES 20 History of the Holy Grail, Part 1 of 5, by Henry Lovelich, with ES 24, 28, 30, 95, [matter of Arthur] 1450 Lovelich
ES 21 Bruce, Part 2 (see ES 11) 1375 Barbour
ES 22 Complaynt of Roderyck Mors, by Henry Brinklow and the Lamentacyon of a Christen Agaynst the Cytye of London by Roderigo Mors 1542 Brinklow & Mors; ed. Cowper
ES 23 Early English Pronunciation, Part 4, (see ES 2, 7, 14) modern Ellis
OS 59 Cursor Mundi, Part 2 (see OS 57) 14th
OS 60 Meditacyuns of the Soper of our Lorde, [meditations of the Supper of our Lord] 1315- 1330 Bonaventura
OS 61 Romance and the Prophecies of Thomas of Ercledoune, early metrical romances and later ballads of Thomas the Rhymer 15th
ES 24 History of the Holy Grail, Part 2 of 5, see ES 20 [matter of Arthur] 1450 Lovelich
ES 25 Guy of Warwick, 15th cent. version, Part 1, transl. from French, with ES 26, a romance 15th ed. Zupitza
OS 62 Cursor Mundi, Part 3, (see OS 57) 14th
OS 63 Blickling Homilies, Part 2, (see OS 58) 979
OS 64 Emblemes and Epigrams, by Francis Thynne 1600 Thynne
OS 65 Be Domes Daege, (Bede’s De Die Judicii, Day of Judgment)
ES 26 Guy of Warwick, 15th cent. version, Part 2, see ES 25 15th
ES 27 English Works of John Fisher, Part 1 1521 Fisher
OS 66 Cursor Mundi, Part 4 (see OS 57) 14th
OS 67 Piers Plowman, Part 5, glossary with a few notes
ed. Skeat
ES 28 History of the Holy Grail, Part 3 of 5, [matter of Arthur] 1450 Lovelich
ES 29 Bruce, Part 3 (see ES 11) 1375 Barbour; ed. Skeat
OS 68 Cursor Mundi, Part 5 (see OS 57) 14th
OS 69 Adam Davy’s Five Dreams about Edward II, and four other texts, two about King Solomon 14th Davy
OS 70 Generydes, a Romance, Part 2; (Part 1 is OS 55)

ES 30 History of the Holy Grail, Part 4 of 5, see ES 20, [matter of Arthur] 1450 Lovelich
ES 31 Alliterative Romance of Alexander and Dindimus (dialogue with morals) 1340- 1370
ES 32 Starkey’s England in Henry VIII’s time, Part 1, Starkey’s Life and Letters (Part 2 is ES 12) 1538 Starkey
OS 71 Lay Folks’ Mass-Book, four texts

OS 72 Palladius On Husbondrie, Part 2, (Part 1 is OS 52) 1420 Palladius; anon. transl.
ES 33 Gesta Romanorum, orig. in Latin, a collection of tales with morals tacked on 12th
ES 34 Sir Ferumbas, a romance about Roland, [Charlemagne Romances: 1] 1380
OS 73 Blickling Homilies, Part 3, see OS 58 979
OS 74 English Works of Wyclif, general rants, anti-pope 1384 Wyclif, John
ES 35 Sege of Melayne [Siege of Milan]; Duke Roland and Sir Otuell; fragment of Song of Roland, [Charlemagne Romances: 2] 1430-40
ES 36 Lyf of Charles the Grete, Part 1, [Charlemagne Romances: 3] 1485 Caxton
OS 75 Catholicon Anglicum, an English-Latin Wordbook, tons of old herb lore. Catholicon Anglicum 1483
OS 76 Ælfric’s Metrical Lives of Saints, de Temporibus, Part 1 (also OS 82, 94); a “Third Series”
ES 37 Lyf of Charles the Grete, Part 2, (see ES 36), [Charlemagne Romances: 4] 1485 Caxton
ES 38 The Sowdone of Babylone, [Sultan of Babylon, a romance, Charlemagne Romances: 5] 15th anon.
OS 77 Beowulf, holograph on facing pages (see also No. 245)
ed. Zupitza
OS 78 Fifty Earliest English Wills 1387- 1454
ES 39 Rauf Coilyear; Roland and Vernagu; Otuel, etc., three romances, [Charlemagne Romances: 6] 1475, 1500
ES 40 Huon of Burdeux, Part 1, in 4 parts, a romance from a French 13th original, [Charlemagne Romances: 7] 1534 Berners, transl.
OS 79 Orosius’ History Against the Pagans, ancient history until 417 CE, in Old Engl. with Latin original, transl. of King Alfred 9th Alfred, transl.; ed. Sweet
OS 79b Epinal Glossary, facsimile

ES 41 Huon of Burdeux [Bordeaux], Part 2, see ES 40, [Charlemagne Romances: 8] 1534
ES 42 Guy of Warwick, Part 1 (ends on p. 224), Auchinleck MS and Caius Ms. (also ES 49, 59) 1327 ed. Zupitza
OS 80 Life of St. Katherine, Latin 11th, Middle English 13th, (Greek 886 CE) 13th
OS 81 Piers Plowman, glossary

ES 43 Huon of Burdeux, Part 3, see ES 40, [Charlemagne Romances: 9] 1534
ES 44 Foure Sonnes of Aymon, Part 1, [Charlemagne Romances: 10] 1490 Caxton, ed. Richardson
OS 82 Ælfric’s Metrical Lives of Saints, de Temporibus, Part 2, MS. Cott. Jul. E Vii (see OS 76)
Ælfric; ed. Skeat
OS 83 Oldest English Texts, charters, runic inscriptions, fragment of a martyrology, glosses 7th and later ed. Sweet
ES 45 Foure Sonnes of Aymon, Part 2, [Charlemagne Romances: 11] 1490 Caxton
ES 46 Sir Beves of Hamtoun, Part 1, (with ES 48, 65) 1327 etc.
OS 84 The Wright’s Chaste Wife, with additional analogues

OS 85 Three Kings of Cologne, English from Latin orig. 15th John of Hildesheim
OS 86 Women Saints of our Countrie in England or Lives of Women Saints, in prose 1610- 1615 ed. Horstman
ES 47 Wars of Alexander, in Middle English, a metrical romance, from a Latin original, Historia de Preliis, Ms. Ashmole 44 1450 ed. Skeat
ES 48 Sir Beves of Hamtoun, Part 2 (with ES 46, 65) 1327, etc.
OS 87 Early South-English Legendary, Laud MS. 108 (see also OS 235) Lives of Saints, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon 13th & later
OS 88 Life of St. Werburghe, by Henry Bradshaw 1521 Bradshaw
ES 49 Guy of Warwick, Part 2, begins p. 226; Auchinleck MS and Caius Ms. 1327
ES 50 Huon of Burdeux, Part 4, see ES 40, [Charlemagne Romances: 12] 1534
ES 51 Torrent of Portyngale (Portugal), a romance 15th
OS 89 Vices and Virtues, Part 1, text and transl. up to p. 151, Anglo-Saxon (see OS 159) 1200 ed. Holthausen
OS 90 Rule of St. Benet (Benedict), in Anglo-Saxon and Latin (516 CE) with interlinear glosses 1020- 1030 anon.
OS 91 Two Fifteenth Century Cookery-Books, in Middle English, glossary 15th ed. Austin
ES 52 William Bullein’s Dialogue against the Feuer Pestilence, Part 1 1548 Bullein
ES 53 Anatomie of the Body of Man 1548 Vicary
ES 54 Curial made by Alain Charretier (orig. French 1400’s) advice to courtiers 1484 Charretier, Caxton
OS 92 Canterbury Psalter, Part 2, text and notes; Trin. Camb. MS.; Latin with AS gloss
OS 93 Liber Scintillarum; Latin orig. from early 8th; OE gloss from 11th 11th Defensor
ES 55 Bruce, Part 4, (see ES 11), also How the Good Wife Taught her Daughter, and The Dietary (advice) 1487 Barbour
ES 56 Early English Pronunciation, Part 5 modern Ellis
OS 94 Ælfric’s Metrical Lives of Saints, de Temporibus, Part 3 (see OS 76, 82)
OS 95 Bede’s Ecclesiastical History (period of 60 BCE to 731 CE), in Old English, Part 1, Sect. 1, Bede wrote the Latin orig.; King Alfred translated it into Old English 11th Bede; King Alfred
ES 57 Eneydos of Caxton, version of the Aeneid, English from a French orig., Liure des Eneydos of 1483 1490 Caxton; ed. by Culley
ES 58 Blanchardyn and Eglantine, a romance; with a long section on English Syntax 1489 & 1595 Caxton
OS 96 Bede’s Ecclesiastical History, in Old English, Part 1, Sect 2 (see OS 95) 11th Bede; King Alfred
OS 97 Earliest English Prose Psalter, Part 1; BM Add. ms. 17,376, and Trinity Coll. Dublin ms., was ms. H.32, now A.4.4 14th ed. Bülbring
ES 59 Guy of Warwick, Part 3, Auchinleck MS and Caius Ms. 1327
ES 60 Temple of Glas by Lydgate, dialogue between Venus and Lovers 1400 c. Lydgate
OS 98 Minor Poems of the Vernon MS, Part 1, all Christian, many hymns to oure lady, (see OS 117)
ed. Horstman
OS 99 Cursor Mundi, Part 6, Preface, Notes and Glossary, (see OS 57) 14th
ES 61 XXXXX Hoccleve’s Minor Poems, Part 1, ballads to kings, stories from Gesta Romanorum, hymns to BVM; Phillippe ms. 8151 and Durham ms. III.9 (ES 73 is part 2) early 14th Hoccleve
ES 62 Chester Plays, Part 1 (13 from Bible stories), (ES 115 is part 2) 1591 + ed. by Deimling
OS 100 Life of St. Katherine of Alexandria, fd. 11/25; Bodley ms. Rawlinson, Poetry 118 and ms. Arundel 396, etc. before 1464 Capgrave
OS 101 Cursor Mundi, Part 7, (see OS 57) 14th
ES 63 De Imitatione Christi, Christian self-abasement, transl. into Engl. by various authors 1441, etc. Thomas á Kempis
ES 64 Godeffrey of Boloyne [Bouillon] or the Seige and Conqeste of Jerusalem; more or less a history of 1st crusade, 1096-1100 1481 Caxton
OS 102 Science of Cirurugie, Part 1; all sorts of medical problems and poss. cures, eek! Ashmole ms. 1396 and BM Add. Ms. 12,056 c. 1400 Lanfranc
OS 103 Legend of the Cross

ES 65 Sir Beves of Hamtoun, Part 3 (with ES 46, 48) 1327, etc.
ES 66 Secrees of Philosoffres, (Governance of Kings and Princes) transl. by Lydgate and finished by Burgh, a poetical transl. of Secreta Secretorum, which was attributed to Aristotle but probably Syriac Christian 8-9th 1450 transl. Lydgate, Burgh, transl.; ed. by Steele
OS 104 Exeter Book, Part 1, Old English poems, (Part 2 is OS 194)

OS 105 Prymer or Lay Folks’ Prayer Book, Part 1 is the text; Hours of BVM, Psalms, Litany, etc.; Camb. Univ. MS. Dd. 11, 82 (see OS 109) 1420- 1430 c. ed. Littlehales
ES 67 Three Kings’ Sons, a prose romance, Part 1; Engl. from French, David Aubert poss. author; Harl. ms. 326 1500 c. Aubert; ed. Furnivall
ES 68 Melusine, the prose romance, Part 1; by Jean D’Arras, 1382-1394 French; Engl. transl. 1500 1500 ed. Donald
OS 106 The Fire of Love & Mending of Life, (Christian) transl. by Richard Rolle 1435 Rolle
OS 107 English Conquest of Ireland, Part 1, period of 1166-1185; transl. from Expugnatio Hibernica of Giraldus Cambrensis, 13th cent. 1425 and 1440 ed. Furnivall
ES 69 Assembly of the Gods by Lydgate; Christian sermon but lists many Gods; Trin. Coll. Camb. R.3.19 1420 Lydgate; ed. Triggs
ES 70 Digby Mysteries (4 Plays, some with 2 parts), Christian with humour, incl. note on Chester dragon 1480-90 ed. Furnivall
OS 108 Child Marriages and Divorces, Troth plights, Chester Depositions (court cases) 1600 ed. Furnivall
OS 109 Prymer or Lay Folks’ Prayer Book, Part 2 (notes on the text), (see OS 105) 1420-30 c. ed. Littlehales
ES 71 Towneley Plays (32 plays, Creation to hanging of Judas), poss. by Black Austins, composed c. 1388, ms. of 1450 1388 Guildsmen; ed. England
ES 72 Hoccleve’s Regement of Princes, lecture to kings, Harleian ms. 4866; and 14 Christian poems; Egerton ms. 615 1411-12 Hoccleve; ed. Furnivall
ES 73 Hoccleve’s Minor Poems, Part 2, (Christian except poems to Lady Money), Ashburnham Add. MS 133 (ES 61 is Part 1) 15th ? Hoccleve, ed. Gollancz
OS 110 Bede’s Ecclesiastical History, in Old English, Part 2, sect. I, variant readings
OS 111 Bede’s Ecclesiastical History, in Old English, Part 2, sect II, variant readings
ES 74 Secreta Secretorum, (Advice to Kings), 3 prose versions (see preface to ES 66 for info) 1400, 1422, 1498 ed. Steele
ES 75 Speculum Gy de Warewyke (Mirror to Guy of Warwick, Christian advice); anon., inspired by Alcuin; Harleian ms. 525 1327- 1400 anon., ed. Morrill
OS 112 Merlin, Part 4, the actual text,
[matter of Arthur]

OS 113 Queen Elizabeth’s Englishings (translations) of Boethius (Latin), Plutarch (Greek) and Horace (Latin) 1593- 1598 Elizabeth R; ed. Pemberton
ES 76 George Ashby’s Poems (reflections on prison; advice to prince; aphorisms) 1463, 1470 Ashby; ed. Bateson
ES 77 Pilgrimage of the Life of Man, Part 1, by Guillaume De Gilleville, French orig.; Christian allegory, (with ES 83, 92 = 731 pages) 1426 Lydgate, transl.; ed. Furnivall and Locock
ES 78 Life and Death of Mary Magdalene; Harl. ms. 6211 and Rawl. 41 in Bodley 1620 Thomas Robinson; ed. Sommer
OS 114 Ælfric’s Metrical Lives of Saints, de Temporibus, part 4, Cott. ms. Julius E. vii. (Vol. 1, p. 1-223; Vol. 2 p. 225-474 in this volume.) (See also OS 76, 82, 94; the last part is in OS 260) 996-7 Ælfric; ed. Skeat
OS 115 Jacob’s Well, Part 1 (Christian rant about tithing, etc.) 1440 ed. Brandeis
OS 116 Martyrology in Old English, text from 900 CE, mss. from 10th and 11th 10th & 11th ed. Herzfeld
ES 79 Dialogues in English and French (travelers’ phrases), by William Caxton, orig. French & Flemish of 1378 1483 Caxton; ed. Bradley
ES 80 Two Nightingale Poems, by Dan John Lydgate, Christian allegory 1446 Lydgate; ed. Glauning
ES 80a Bruce; Selections from Barbour’s Bruce (Books I-X) (see ES 11)
ES 81 English Works of John Gower, Part 1, Confessio Amantis, part 1 (see ES 82), Bodley Fairfax ms. 1393 Gower; ed. Macaulay
OS 117 Minor Poems of the Vernon MS. Part 2, mostly Christian; Little Cato; Stations of Rome etc., Of Women Cometh is Worldes Weal, see OS 98

OS 118 Lay Folks’ Catechism, in 2 parts, texts by Thoresby in Latin with transl. by Taystek; and texts by Peckham and Wycliffe 13th, 14th ed. Simmons
OS 119 Handlyng Synne by Robert of Brunne, and its French original “Manuel de Pecche,” Part 1, (see OS 123) 1303 Robert of Brunne
ES 82 English Works of John Gower, Part 2; Confessio Amantis part 2 and poem In Praise of Peace (see ES 81) 1393 Gower; ed. Macaulay
ES 83 Pilgrimage of the Life of Man, Part 2, by Guillaume De Gilleville, (see ES 77) 1426 Lydgate, transl.; ed. Furnivall
ES 84 Reson and Sensuallyte, Vol. 1 (Reason and Sensuality, text); by Danne Lydgate; Christian morality but with many Goddesses; Bodley Fairfax ms. 16 and BM Add ms. 29,729 (EETS publ. 1901) 1450 c. Lydgate; ed. Sieper
OS 120 Rule of St. Benet (Benedict) in 3 versions, northern prose and verse, and Caxton’s summary, see OS 90 15th Caxton; ed. Kock
OS 121 Laud Ms Troy-Book, Part 1 up to line 10,876, a romance (retelling of Iliad); Bodley ms. Laud misc. 595 (see OS 122) 1400 ed. Wülfing
ES 85 Poems by Alexander Scott, 2 poems to May, rest are love poems (Scotland) 1568 Scott; ed. Donald
ES 86 Poems by William of Shoreham, Part 1, all Christian 1320 William of Shoreham; ed. Konrath
ES 87 Two Coventry Corpus Christi Plays (1. Nativity; 2. Presentation in Temple, etc.; also speeches of King Arthur, etc.) 1534? ed. Craig
OS 122 Laud Ms Troy-Book, Part 2 is lines 10,877 to 18,664; no notes! see OS 121 1400 ed. Wülfing
OS 123 Handlyng Synne and its French original, Part 2 (see OS 119) 1303 Robert of Brunne
ES 88 Le Morte Arthur, a romance in stanzas from French orig. of Lancelot, BM Harley ms. 2252 14th ed. Bruce
ES 89 Reason and Sensuality, Vol. 2, all notes (Vol. 1 is ES 84) 1450 c. Lydgate; ed. Sieper
ES 90 English Fragments from Latin Medieval Service-Books, 2 color plates and 9 pages of wedding, visiting the sick, etc. 15th? ed. Littlehales
OS 124 Twenty-Six Political and other Poems, Part 1, by an anon. abbot, Digby Ms.102, and Douce 322 1400 c. anon; ed. Kail
OS 125 Medieval Records of a London City Church, St. Mary-at-Hill, Part 1 (see OS 128) 1420- 1559 ed. Littlehales
OS 126 An Alphabet of Tales in northern English, Part 1 is to p. 260; transl from Latin Alphabetum Narrationum, mostly saints tales, BM Add ms. 25,719 (OS 127) 15th ed. Banks
ES 91 Macro Plays: 1. Mankind (c. 1475), 2. Wisdom (c. 1460), 3. Castle of Perseverance (c. 1425) raucous 15th ed. Furnivall and Pollard
ES 92 Pilgrimage of the Life of Man, Part 3, by Guillaume De Gilleville, French orig.; Christian allegory, (with ES 77, 83 = 731 pages) 1426 Lydgate, transl.
ES 93 Romance of Merlin, Part 1, a Middle English metrical romance from French, Ms 80 at Corpus Christi College 1450 c. Lovelich; ed. Kock
OS 127 An Alphabet of Tales in northern English, Part 2, text p. 261-532 (see OS 126) 15th ed. Banks
OS 128 Medieval Records of a London City Church, St. Mary-at-Hill, Part 2 (OS 125 is Part 1) 1420- 1559 ed. Littlehales
OS 129 English Register of Godstow Nunnery, Part 1, Bodley Rawlinson ms. B 408 1450 c. ed. Clark
ES 94 Respublica, a play, at the accession of Queen Mary, a political allegory, Macro ms. 115 1553 ed. Magnus
ES 95 History of the Holy Grail, Part 5 of 5, see ES 20 1450 Lovelich
ES 96 Mirk’s Festial, a collection of Homilies in Middle English, part 1, text and glossary; Bodl. ms. Gough, Eccl. Top 4, et al.; standard saints’ tales c. 1400 Mirk, John; ed. Erbe
OS 130 English Register of Godstow Nunnery, Part 2, Bodley Rawlinson ms. B 408 (see OS 129) 1450 c. ed. Clark
OS 131 Brut or the Chronicles of England (legendary up to 1479), Part 1, Ms. Rawl. B.171, Bodley (167 ms. in Latin, French, English) 1377, some parts much older ed. Brie
OS 132 Works of John Metham; treatises on Palmistry, Physiognomy, Days of the Moon; and the Romance of Amoryus and Cleopes 1448 c. Metham; ed. Craig
ES 97 Lydgate’s Troy Book (= Iliad), Part 1 (Prologue, Book I, Book II), transl. from Latin Historia Destructionis Troiae of Guido delle Colonne of 1287, various mss. 1412-20 Lydgate; ed. by Bergen
ES 98 Magnyfycence [Magnificence], by John Skelton, a dull moral play 1520 c. Skelton; ed. Ramsey
ES 99 Romance of Emáre, a Breton Lay in English c. 1400 ed. Rickert
OS 133 English Register of Oseney Abbey, Part 1, text, giving origin and properties, forged 1460 ed. Clark
OS 134 Coventry Leet Book, Part 1, or Mayor’s Register; legislative or city records (also OS 135, 138 and 146) 1420- 1555 ed. Harris
ES 100 Harrowing of Hell (1250) and Gospel of Nicodemus (15th cent.)
ed. Hulme
ES 101 Songs and Carols of Richard Hill, from the Balliol Ms. 354, from various sources
Hill; ed. Dyboski
OS 135 Coventry Leet Book, Part 2, (see OS 134) 1420- 1555 ed. Harris
OS 135b Piers Plowman, scholarly arguments on authorship modern
OS 136 Brut or the Chronicles of England, Part 2, 1333-1479; summary of contents for part 2 begins on p. ix 1377+ contemp. ed. Brie
ES 102 Promptorium Parvulorum, the first English-Latin dictionary by Galfridus Anglicus 1498 Galfridus; ed. Mayhew
ES 103 Lydgate’s Troy Book, Part 2, (Book 3, starts on p. 395), see ES 97 1412-20 Lydgate; ed. Bergen
OS 137 Twelfth Century Homilies, Part 1, Ms. Bodley 343, O.E. text and transl. (see OS 302 for part 2?) 12th ed. Belfour
OS 138 Coventry Leet Book, Part 3, (see OS 134) 1420- 1555 ed. Harris
ES 104 Non-Cycle Mystery Plays: Play of the Sacrament and the Pride of Life, also fragments. 15th? ed. Waterhouse
ES 105 Tale of Beryn, with the Pardoner and Tapster, long clever tale in style of Chaucer 14th ed. Furnivall
OS 139 Treatises on Fistula in Ano [Anus] by John Arderne 1376 Arderne; ed. Power
OS 139b - f Piers Plowman Controversy, on authorship, several authors modern various scholars
OS 140 Lives of St. Augustine, and of St. Gilbert Sempringham, and a sermon, some transl. by John Capgrave, some orig. 1422 c. Capgrave; ed. Munro
ES 106 Lydgate’s Troy Book, Part 3 (Books IV and V, starts on p. 563), see ES 97 1412- 1420 Lydgate; ed. Bergen
ES 107 Lydgate’s Minor Poems, Part 1, religious poems, saints calendar, etc. 15th Lydgate; ed. MacCracken
OS 141 Erthe upon Erthe, simple rhyme in multiple versions, morose 14th ed. Murray
OS 142 English Register of Godstow Nunnery, Part 3, notes on the texts, see OS 129 1450 c. ed. Clark
OS 143 Prose Life of Alexander, with Dindimas, etc., no preface, Thornton ms.
ed. Westlake
ES 108 Siege of Thebes, Part 1; text, by Lydgate, written to fill out Chaucer 1420 c. Lydgate
ES 109 Partonope of Blois, a magical romance in prose, many versions, 12th French orig. 15th ed. Bodtker
OS 144 English Register of Oseney Abbey, Part 2, notes and glossaries 1460 ed. Clark
OS 145 Northern Passion, Part 1, texts 1300 c. ed. Foster
ES 110 Caxton’s Mirror of the World
ES 111 History of Jason by William Caxton, with woodcut of Medea 1477 c. Caxton
OS 146 Coventry Leet Book, Part 4, (see OS 134) 1420- 1555 ed. Harris
OS 147 Northern Passion, Part 2; notes, glossaries, and addtl. texts 1300 c. ed. Foster
ES 112 Romance of Merlin, Part 2, romantic nonsense by Henry Lovelich, Corpus Chr. ms. 80 (OS 185 is Part 3) [matter of Arthur] 1450 Lovelich; ed. Kock
ES 113 Poems by Sir John Salusbury and by Robert Chester: Love’s Martyr, erotic Elizabethan love poetry, flower poems 16th Salusbury & Chester; intro. Brown
OS 148 Curtesy Book and 2 Franciscan Rules: for the Tertiaries of St. Frances and for the Sisters Minouresses (St. Clare) 15th ed. Chambers and Seton
OS 149 Lincoln Diocese Documents, mostly wills, leases, disciplinary acts, widows’ vows 1450- 1544 ed. Clark
OS 150 Rule of Chrodegang (bishop of Metz, 742-766); Capitula of Theodulf (bishop of Orleans, 785-818); Epitome of Benedict of Aniane (750-821), monastic rules with Latin and Old English texts for each 11th transl. ed. Napier
ES 114 Gild of St. Mary, Lichfield: ordinances, for alms, Tailors’ Gild, etc. (guilds) 1387- 1538 ed. Furnivall
ES 115 Chester Plays, Part 2, starts on p. 241; each play by different group, e.g. fishmongers (ES 62 is part 1) 1591 c. ed. Matthews
OS 151 Lanterne of Light, a Lollard tract, attrib. to Wyclif but later, Ms. Harley 2324 1409 c. anon.; ed. Swinburn
OS 152 Homilies in Early English before Ælfric, Cotton Vesp. D. xiv 12th ed. Warner
ES 116 Pauline Epistles, Latin vulg. text with Engl. transl., MS Parker 32 at Corp. Chr. Cambridge 15th ed. Powell
ES 117 Life of Fisher, MS. Harl. 6382, executed for treason by Henry VIII 1535 c. ed. Bayne
OS 153 Mandeville’s Travels, Part 1 - text, from French of Jean d’Outremeuse; BM Cotton Titus c. xvi 14th ed. Hamelius
OS 154 Mandeville’s Travels, Part 2 - notes; see OS153 14th ed. Hamelius
ES 118 Earliest Arithmetics in English “Crafte of Nombrynge” etc. some in Latin; Egerton ms. 2622 15th ed. Steele
ES 119 The Owl and Nightingale 12th? ed. Gratton and Sykes
OS 155 The Wheatley Ms., religious verse and prose, by Richard Maydenstoon, BM Add ms. 39,574 15th Maydenstoon; ed. Day
ES 120 Ludus Coventriae, or the Plaie [Plays] called Corpus Christi; 42 short plays, Cotton Vesp. D. viii 15th unknown; ed. Block
OS 156 Donet, by Reginald Pecock, (see OS 164)
ES 121 Fall of Princes, Part 1, Lydgate’s transl. of French intermediate from Boccaccio’s De Casibus Virorum Illustrium c.1360; Ms Bodley 263B, mainly on Roman emperors 1431- 1439 Lydgate
ES 122 Fall of Princes, Part 2 (see Part 1 which is ES 121) 1431- 1439 Lydgate
OS 157 Pepysian Gospel Harmony (of the Life of Christ), Ms. Pepys 2498 1400 c. ed. Goates
OS 158 Meditation on the Life and Passion of Christ, BM Ms. Add. 11307 14th ed. D’Evelyn
ES 123 Fall of Princes, Part 3 (see Part 1 which is ES 121) 1431- 1439 Lydgate
ES 124 Fall of Princes, Part 4 (see Part 1 which is ES 121) 1431- 1439 Lydgate
OS 159 Vices and Virtues, (Holi Maidenhead), Part 2, notes and glosses (see OS 89) 1200 ed. Holthausen
ES 125 Siege of Thebes, Part 2, only notes, no text (ES 108 is Part 1) 1420 Lydgate; ed. Erdmann & Ekwall
ES 126 Lydgate’s Troy Book, Part 4, by Lydgate, all notes and glossaries
- - - - - last volume in ES - - - - - - - -
1412-20 Lydgate; ed. Bergen
OS 160 Old English Heptateuch (Latin Vulgate and OE), and Aelfric’s Treatise on the Old & New Testament, with a transl. by Wm. L’Isle, 1623; MS Cott. Claud. B. IV 11th Aelfric; ed. Crawford
OS 161 Three Old English Prose Texts plus Latin orig.: Letter of Alexander; Great Wonders of the East; and Life of St. Christopher, MS Cotton Vit. A. xv scribe of Beowulf ed. Rypins
OS 162 Pearl, Cleanness, Patience and Sir Gawain, Facsimile of MS Cotton Nero A. x,
[matter of Arthur]
14th? Gawain poet; ed. Gollancz
OS 163 Book of the Foundation of St. Bartholmew’s Church in London, BM Cotton Vesp. B.ix. (Latin, late 12th) 14th ed. Moore
OS 164 Folear to the Donet, (see OS 156)
OS 165 Chinon of England, an Arthurian romance by Christopher Middleton; The Assertion of King Arther, transl. by Robinson from Leland’s Assertion Arturii [matter of Arthur] 1597 Middleton & Robinson; ed. Mead
OS 166 Stanzaic Life of Christ, MS. Harley 3909, relates to Christian festivals 14th ed. Foster
OS 167 Dialogue inter Militern et Clericum, and a Sermon by FitzRalph transl. by John Trevisa; also Bygynnyng of the World 1387 c. Trevisa, transl.; ed. Perry
OS 168 Book of the Ordre of Chyualry by William Caxton from French Le Livre de Chevalerie by Ramón Lull 1483-5 Caxton & Loutfut; ed. Byles
OS 169 Southern Passion; Pepysian Ms. 2344 at Magdalene Coll. Camb. 1300 c. ed. Brown
OS 170 The Consolation of Philosophy, by Boethius; transl by Walton; Lincoln Cathedral MS A.4.11 15th Walton transl.; ed. Science
OS 171 Reule of Christen Religion
OS 172 Seege or Batayle of Troye, metrical romance in various versions, one poss. by minstrel Jamys 15th ed. Barnicle
OS 173 Pastime of Pleasure by Stephen Hawes, an allegory of the Seven Arts 1509 Hawes, ed. Mead
OS 174 Life of St. Anne, stanzaic version 14th ed. Parker
OS 175 Eclogues of Alexander Barclay; translation of “Misery of Courtiers” 1513 Barclay
OS 176 Caxton’s Prologues and Epilogues
OS 177 Byrhtferth’s Manual [on Astronomy], Ashmole ms. 328, with pictures 1011 Byrhtferth
OS 178 Revelations of St. Birgitta (Swedish nun), also a life of her, and a salutation by John Audelay 15th ed. Cumming
OS 179 Castell of Pleasure by William Nevill, love nonsense, with picture 15th? Nevill; ed. Cornelius
OS 180 Apologye of Syr Thomas More, includes Treatise concerning the division between spiritualtie and temporaltie 1533 ed. Taft
OS 181 Dance of Death, poems (pictures and dances described but not included) 1312f; 1485 ed. Warren and White
OS 182 Speculum Christiani

OS 183 Northern Passion, Supplement (OS 145, 147, parts 1 & 2) 1350 c. ed. Heuser & Foster
OS 184 Poems of John Audelay, all Christian, with carols for saints; Bodley MS Douce 302
Audelay; ed. Whiting
OS 185 Romance of Merlin, Part 3, starts on p. 417, text, no notes; Corp. Chr. College MS 80 (see ES 112)
[matter of Arthur]
1450 Lovelich; ed. Kock
OS 186 Life and Death of Sir Thomas Moore (More) by Nicholas Harpsfield 1557 Harpsfield; ed. Hitchcock
OS 187 Vulgaria of Stanbridge and of Whittinton, (phrases to teach Latin to children), in Latin and Middle English 1488, 1530 Stanbridge, Whittinton, et alia; ed. White
OS 188 Siege of Jerusalem, metrical romance, Romans against the Jews, several mss. 15th ed. Kölbing and Day
OS 189 Fayttes of Armes and of Chyualrye (Feats of Arms and Chivalry) by Christine de Pisan (1408-9); transl. by William Caxton 1489 Caxton transl.; ed. Byles
OS 190 English Medieval Lapidaries; 7 different texts; OE 11th with mod. transl. and no magic, others from 12th, 15th, 16th have magic properties 11th- 16th ed. Evans and Serjeantson
OS 191 Seven Sages of Rome, southern version 13th ed. Brunner
OS 191a On the Continuity of English Prose

OS 192 Minor Poems of Lydgate, Part 2, Secular Poems 15th Lydgate; ed. MacCracken
OS 193 Seinte Marharete (Saint Margaret) fd 7/13 13th ed. Mack
OS 194 Exeter Book, Part 2
ed. Mackie
OS 195 Quatrefoil of Love, (Christian gibberish about virginity) 14th ed. Gollancz & Weale
OS 196 Anonymous Short English Metrical Chronicle, from Brutus to 1307 1307, 1340 ed. Zettl
OS 197 Life of Sir Thomas Moore (More) by William Roper 16th Roper; ed. Hitchcock
OS 198 Firumbras and Otuel and Roland, two metrical romances, MS. BM Add. 37492
[matter of Charlemagne]
15th ed. O’Sullivan
OS 199 Mum and the Sothsegger, politics, part of Richard the Redeless, BM Add. MS. 41666 1399 ed. Day and Steele
OS 200 Speculum Sacerdotal, instructions to priests, based on Legend Aurea, etc.; BM Add. Ms. 36791 15th ed. Weatherly
OS 201 Knyghthode and Bataile (Knighthood and Battle), verse paraphrase of De Re Militari (4th Latin orig.) 1457-60 ed. Dyboski and Arend
OS 202 Palsgrave’s Acolastus 1540 Palsgrave; ed. Carver
OS 203 Amis and Amiloun, romance of twins, trad. tales found in all European lang. 1330 Engl. ed. Leach
OS 204 Valentine and Orson, a prose romance, from a French orig. of 1475-1489
[matter of Charlemagne]
1548-58 Watson, transl.; ed. Dickson
OS 205 Tales from the Decameron: Tale of Guiscardo and Ghismonda and Tale of Titus and Gisippus 15th Gilbert Banester; ed. Wright
OS 206 Legendys of Hooly Wummen by Osbern Bokenham, (Legends of Holy Women), Ms. Arundel 327; snuff porn 15th Bokenham; ed. Serjeantson
OS 207 Liber de Diversis Medicinis

OS 208 Parker Chronicle and Laws; Anglo-Saxon Chronicles from 60 BCE - 1093, in holograph; geneaology, laws, pope list. Corpus Christi College Camb. MS 173 1093 Alfred; ed. by Flower and Smith
OS 209 Middle English Sermons from BM MS Roy. 18 B. xxiii
ed. Ross
OS 210 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (again), [matter of Arthur], BM Cotton Nero A.x.
Gawain poet; ed. Gollancz
OS 211 Dicts and Sayings of the Philosophers

OS 212 Book of Margery Kempe, Vol. 1; her autobiography, Christian 15th ed. Meech and Allen
OS 213 Ælfric’s de Temporibus Anni, “Times of the Year” wind, rain, zodiac, geog. of India c. 992 Ælfric; ed. Henel
OS 214 Forty-six Lives, transl. by Morley from Boccaccio’s De Claris Mulieribus, with Latin underneath (Juno, Rhea, Illia, etc.) d. 1556 Morley; ed. Wright
OS 215 Charles of Orleans, English Poems, Part 1; texts; BM Harley 682, repetitive love poems; Part 2 is OS 220 c. 1440 Charles of Orleans; ed. Steele
OS 216 Ancrene Riwle in Latin, instruction in Christian theology for lay folk; Merton College MS 44; BM Cotton Vitellius E. vii
ed. d’Evelyn
OS 217 Book of Vices and Virtues, transl. of Somme le Roi by Lorens d’Orleans, 13th; includes how to bury a dolphin 14th ed. Francis
OS 218 Cloud of Unknowing, and Book of Privy Counselling, Christian c. 1500 ed. Hodgson
OS 219 Ancrene Riwle, in French, Cotton Vitellius, F.vii,
ed. by J.A.Herbert
OS 220 Charles of Orleans, English Poems, Part 2 (notes on the text), see OS 215 c. 1440 Charles of Orleans; ed. Steele, Day
OS 221 Romance of Sir Degrevant, metrical romance by unk. minstrel; MS Lincoln Cath. A.5.2 ; Camb. Univ Ff. I 6 c. 1400 ed. Casson
OS 222 Life of Syr Thomas More, by Ro.Ba = Roger Bacon? MS Lambeth 179 & others 1599? Bacon?; ed. Hitchcock, Hallett, Reed
OS 223 Tretyse of Loue [and other religious treatises] based on Ancrene Riwle, publ. by Wynkyn de Worde c. 1494 ed. John Fisher
OS 224 Athelston: a Middle English Romance; Ms. 175 Gonville and Caius Coll. Camb. c.1370 ed. Trounce
OS 225 Ancrene Riwle, in English; Cotton Nero A. 14, poss. Winchcombe Abbey c. 1125 ed. Day, Herbert
OS 226 Respublica, an interlude for Christmas, attrib. to Nicholas Udall. A Macro play, reedited, see ES 94 1553 Udall; ed. Greg
OS 227 Kyng Alisaunder, Vol. 1, text; from sev. Mss. including Bodley Laud misc. 622 (Vol. 2 is OS 237) 14th ed. Smithers
OS 228 Metrical Life of St. Robert of Knaresborough with other pieces (intro. Trinitarians to England) BM Ms. Egerton 3143 late 15th ed. Joyce Bazire
OS 229 Ancrene Riwle, in English; Gonville and Caius College MS. 234/120 c.1250+ ed. Wilson
OS 230 Life of St. George, verse transl. by Alexander Barclay, from Georgius by Spagnuoli; Trinity College, Camb. ms. 1515 Barclay; ed. Nelson
OS 231 Deonise Hid Diuinite [Hidden Divinity] and other treatises, transl. of Mystica Theologia by Dionysius the Areopagite 14th
OS 232 Ancrene Riwle, in English, an adaptation for public, prob. by W.M.Lichfeld; BM Ms. Royal 8 C. i. 15th ed. Baugh
OS 233 Bibliotheca Historica of Diodorus Siculus; 59 BCE, transl. by John Skelton, Vol. 1; BM Ms. Corpus Christ Cambridge 357 (OS 239) c.1472+ Diodorus Siculus; ed. Salter, Edwards
OS 234 Paris and Vienne, a story, transl. by Wm. Caxton 1485 Caxton
OS 235 South English Legendary, Vol. 1, (1/1 up to Martha) Corpus Christi MS 145 and BM Harley 2277, [native English saints, entertaining bunch of AS names] 1300’s and later ed. d’Evelyn, Mill
OS 236 South English Legendary, Vol. 2, (St. Oswald to 12/31?) Corpus Christi MS 145 and BM Harley 2277, also Part 3 in OS 244; and OS 87; Menology order 1300’s ed. d’Evelyn, Mill
OS 237 Kyng Alisaunder, Vol. 2, intro, notes; see OS 227 for Vol. 1. 14th ed. Smithers
OS 238 Phonetic Writings of Robert Robinson c.1617 Robinson; ed. Dobson
OS 239 Bibliotheca Historica of Diodorus Siculus, transl. by John Skelton,Vol. 2; has an index of names, intro., notes and glossary c.1472+ Diodorus Siculus; ed. Salter, Edwards
OS 240 Ancrene Riwle in French; Anglo-Norman versions; MS. Trinity Coll. Camb. MS R.14.7 late 13th or early 14th ed. Trethewey
OS 241 The Wohunge of Ure Lauerd, etc. [Wooing of Our Lord, Lovesong; Orison;, etc., mystical marriage] BM Cotton Titus D. xviii early 13th anon.; ed. Thompson
OS 242 Salisbury Psalter, a Gallican Psalter in Latin with O.E. interlinear glosses; replacing Aug. Roman text; psalms and hymns, Salisbury Cath. MS 150. 10th ed. Sisam and Sisam
OS 243 Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey

OS 244 South English Legendary, Vol 3, Intro. and Glossary, see OS 235-6. Corpus Christi MS 145 and BM Harley 2277 c. 1300 eds., d’Evelyn and Mill
OS 245 Beowulf, facsimile, BM Ms Cotton Vitellius A. xv.

OS 246 Parlement of the Thre Ages, alliterative poem, Christian; BM Add MS. 31042 = “The Thornton ms.” and BM Add. 33994 15th ed. Offord
OS 247 “Facsimile of MS. Bodley 34” St. Katherine, St. Margaret, St. Juliana, Hali Meidhhad, Sawles Warde, MS Bodley 34 1st 1/4 of 13th ed. Ker
OS 248 The Lifliade and the Passiun of Seinte Iuliene; diplomatic text of part of OS 247, with a Latin correspondent 1210 ed. D’Ardenne
OS 249 Ancrene Wisse, in Middle English; Corpus Christi Ms. 402 1200 ed. Tolkien
OS 250 Layamon’s Brut, Vol. 1, in Anglo-Saxon; BM Cotton Caligula A.1 x and Otho C. xiii, (OS 277 = Vol. 2) 1200 Layamon; ed. Brook & Leslie
OS 251 Owl and the Nightingale, facsimile; JC Oxford, MS 29 & BM Cot. Calig. A.ix 2nd 1/2 of 13th ed. Ker
OS 252 “English Text of the Ancrene Rule” Ancrene Riwle, in English, & Lanhydrock fragment, 1 page; BM Cot. Titus D. xviii 2nd 1/4 of 13th ed. Mack
OS 253 Mandeville’s Travels, Bodley version

OS 254 Ywain and Gawain, trans. by minstrel; of Yvain, Le Chevalier au Lion by Chrétien de Troyes [matter of Arthur], Cot. Galba E.ix. Versions in Welsh, MHGerm, Norse, Swedish and Danish. 1st 1/4 of 15th ed. Friedman & Harrington
OS 255 “Facsimile of BM Ms. Harley 2253” e.g. Harley Lyrics in Middle English, secular and religious lyrics and misc. other; Anglo-Norman language, fabulous 1340 c. ed. Ker
OS 256 Sir Eglamour of Artois, a romance; Linc. Cath. Ms. 91 & Cot. Caligula, A. II late 14th ed. Richardson
OS 257 Praise of Folie by Erasmus, transl. from Latin by Sir Thomas Chaloner 1530 Chaloner; ed. Miller
OS 258 Orcherd of Syon, [Orchard of Zion] Vol. 1, text, transl. of the Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena “mystical”, by Wynken de Worde; BM Harley 3432 15th c. ed. Hodgson, Leigey
OS 259 Homilies of Ælfric, A Supplementary Collection; Vol. 1, (up to p. 491); in Old English c. 1005 Ælfric; ed. Pope
OS 260 Homilies of Ælfric, A Supplementary Collection; Vol. 2, (p.493 to end); in Old English. (This volume includes part 5 of Ælfric’s Metrical Lives of Saints, the section on False Gods, see OS 76, etc.) c. 1005 Ælfric; ed. Pope
OS 261 Lybeaus Desconus, by Thomas Chestre, an Arthurian romance, MS. Cot. Caligula, A. II & Lambeth Palace ms. 306 1375-1400 Chestre; ed. Mills
OS 262 Macro Plays, the Castle of Perseverance, Wisdom, and Mankind, a repub of ES 91; Folger Ms. V.a. 354 1440 ed. Eccles
OS 263 History of Reynard the Fox, transl. by Wm. Caxton from Dutch orig.
Caxton; ed. Blake
OS 264 Epistle of Othea [Athena], by Christine de Pisan, transl. by Stephen Scrope
Christine de Pisan; transl. Scrope
OS 265 Cyrurgie of Guy de Chauliac, Vol. 1, text; Latin orig. of 1363; English BN Paris Ms. anglais 25 15th Guy de Chauliac
OS 266 Wulfstan’s Canons of Edgar; Corpus Christi, Cambr. MS 201 11th Wulfstan
OS 267 Ancrene Riwle, in English; BM Cotton Cleopatra C.vi 1227-8 ed. Dobson
OS 268 Of Arthour and of Merlin, Vol. 1, text; Auchinleck Ms. and others, Middle English transl. from French poss by Robt de Boron [Arthur and Merlin] (see OS 279) 1330 ed. Macrae-Gibson
OS 269 Mandeville’s Travels, Metrical Version; orig. comp. c. 1357; MS Coventry Corporation Record Office 1375-1460 ed. Seymour
OS 270 Le Traité de l’Esperance (Treatise of Hope) and Le Quadrilogue Invectif, Vol. 1, text; French orig. by Alain Chartier, 1422 and 1428; anon. transl. to English. (Vol. 2 is OS 281) 15th Chartier; ed. Blayney
OS 271 Minor Poems of Stephen Hawes; advice, coronation of Henry VIII 16th Hawes; eds. Gluck, Morgan
OS 272 Ordinal of Alchemy by Thomas Norton 16th Norton; ed. Reidy
OS 273 Cely Letters, 1472-1488; correspondence of merchants in the wool trade 1472 ff Cely family; ed. Hanham
OS 274 Ancrene Riwle, in Middle English, Magdalene College, Pepys Ms 2498 1240 c. ed. Zettersten
OS 275 Dives and Pauper, Vol. 1, Part 1; introduction and text; prose treatise in dialogue form on 10 commandments (see OS 280 for Part 2) 1405-1410 ed. Barnum
OS 276 Secretum Secretorum, Vol. 1, text in 9 versions; pseudo Aristotle, English from Latin 12th cent earliest; from Arabic of 10th. 12th, varies ed. Manzalaoui
OS 277 Layamon’s Brut, Vol. 2, text; lines 8021 to end (OS 250 is Vol. 1) 1200 Layamon; ed. Brook, Leslie
OS 278 Ayenbite of Inwyt, Vol. 2; introduction, notes, glossary. all Christian but with prophecies added in. Transl. poss by Dan Michael of Somme le Roi, of 1280. (see OS 23) 1340 Dan Michael; ed. Gradon
OS 279 Of Arthour and of Merlin, Vol. 2, introduction, notes and glossary [Arthur and Merlin] see OS 268 1330 Robt de Boron; ed. Macrae-Gibson
OS 280 Dives and Pauper, Vol. 1, Part 2, text; more commandments; see OS 275 1405-1410 ed. Barnum
OS 281 Le Traité de l’Esperance and Le Quadrilogue Invectif, Vol. 2, intro., notes, glossary (see OS 270) Treatise of Hope 1460 ed. Blayney
OS 282 Enchiridion Militis Christiani, in English transl., Latin orig. by Erasmus 1534 Erasmus; ed. O’Donnell
OS 283 Digby Plays or Late Medieval Religious Plays of Bodley Mss. Digby 133 and E. Museo 160, 6 plays, a republication
ed. Baker, Murphy, Hall
OS 284 Hali Meihad 1225-1250 ed. Millett
OS 285 Abbreuiacion of Cronicles, by John Capgrave [Abbreviation of Chronicles, creation to 1417] 1462-3 Capgrave; ed. Lucas
OS 286 Herbarium and Medicina de Quadrupedibus, in Old English, with 5th cent. Latin orig. 11th-12th ed. de Vriend
OS 287 De Institutione Inclusarum by Aelred of Rievaulx (Rule for Nuns, Latin orig. 1160) 14th-15th Aelred; ed. Ayto and Barratt
OS 288 Pilgrimage of the Lyfe of the Manhode, Vol. 1, intro, text of prose transl. (see OS 292) 1400 ed. Henry
OS 289 Octovian, a romance 1422-53 ed. McSparran
OS 290 Barlam and Iosaphat, saint’s tale by John of Damascene, based on Buddha’s life

OS 291 Liber Celestis of St. Bridget of Sweden, Vol. 1; preface and text, “Revelations” and a Life; BL Ms. Claudius B.1 1410-1420 ed. Ellis
OS 292 Pilgrimage of the Lyfe of the Manhode, Vol. 2, notes, biblio., glossary (see OS 288, also ES 92)
ed. Henry
OS 293 Richard Rolle: Prose and Verse, from Ms. Longleat 29, etc. 1422 Rolle; ed. Ogilvie-Thomson
OS 294 Lollard Sermons, 18 of them for various holidays
ed. Cigman
OS 295 Familiar Dialogue of the Friend and the Fellow; trans. of Alain Chartieris, French politics 1475 c. ed. Blayney
OS 296 Recyt of the Ladie Kateryne (description of festivities) 1501
OS 297 Wynnere and Wastoure, BL Ms. 31042 1350 c. ed. Trigg
OS 298 St. Patrick’s Purgatory, 2 versions of Owayne Miles; Vision of Wm. of Stranton; 12th Latin orig. 14th ed. Easting
OS 299 Physiologus, in Middle English from Theobald’s Physiologus in Latin; BL Ms. Arundel 292 1300 ed. Wirtjes
OS 300 Vercelli Homilies and Related Texts, some trans. from Latin, some composed in English, Anglo-Saxon 10th c. ed. Scragg
OS 301 Two Wycliffite Texts: Sermon of Taylor and Testimony of Thorpe, 1407 1406 ed. Hudson
OS 302 Old English Homilies, some by Aelfric, from MS. Bodley 343 (a republication of OS 137 which was incomplete) 1050 ed. Irvine
OS 303 Contemplations of the Dread and Love of God = Fervor Amoris 1425 ed. Connolly
OS 304 Old English Version of the Gospels, Vol. 1, intro. and part of text (see OS 314)
ed. Liuzza
OS 305 Castelford’s Chronicle or the Boke of Brut, Vol. 1 (Intro. and Books I-VI) 1327 Thomas Castleford; ed. Echkhardt
OS 306 Castelford’s Chronicle or the Boke of Brut, Vol. 2 (Books VII-XII). incomplete, there may be a Vol. 3 1327 Thomas Castleford; ed. Echkhardt
OS 307 Seven Psalms, transl. into English by Dame Eleanor Hull, all commentary 1420’s ed. Barratt
OS 308 The Goodli History of the Ladye Lucres by Aeneas Silvius Piccolominin 1444 (later Pius II), medieval love romance 1553 ed. Morrall
OS 309 Imitation of Christ; Engl. trans. of Imitatio Christi, poss. by Thomas á Kempis, Books I-III (incomplete) 15th Thomas á Kempis; ed. Biggs
OS 310 Ancrene Riwle, Vernon Text, Bodley MS. Eng. poet. a.1 1380-1400 ed. Zettersten, Diensberg
OS 311 Sidrak and Bokkus, Vol. I; introduction; Prologue, Books I-II; old French book of prose knowledge, Q&A form, 1275 1450 ed. Burton
OS 312 Sidrak and Bokkus, Vol. II; Books III-IV, with commentary and glossary 1450 ed. Burton
OS 313 Hoccleve’s Complaint and Dialogue, by Thomas Hoccleve; repub of part of ES 61 but from a different ms. 1421-26 Hoccleve; ed. Burrow
OS 314 Old English Version of the Gospels, Vol. 2, notes and glossary (text in OS 304) 10th ed. Luizza
OS 315 Gilte Legend, Supplementary Lives, mainly Anglo-Saxon and Celtic saints; transl. of Jean de Vignay’s Légende Dorée (1333-40); transl. of Jacobus de Voragines’ Legende Aurea (1267), (Vol. I, II, are OS 327, 328) 1438 ed. Hamer & Russell
OS 316 Ipomadon, a romance, Middle-English trans. of Ipomedon by Hue de Rotelande, Ms. Chetham 8009 at Manchester 1400 ed. Purdie
OS 317 Works of a Lollard Preacher, bit of a companion to OS 301 15th ed. Hudson
OS 318 Revelation of the Monk of Eynsham = Evesham; a vision of purgatory etc. 15th ed. Eastring
OS 319 Mandeville’s Travels, Defective Version 14th ed. Seymour
OS 320 Siege of Jerusalem, Titus’ destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE, written like a romance 15th ed. Hanna, Lawton
OS 321 Three Alliterative Saints’ Hymns; actually in 14 line stanzas; Katherine, John Evangelist, John Baptist 1400 ed. Kennedy
OS 322 Turpines Story, Middle-English trans. of the Pseudo-Turpine Chronicle (Charlemagne) 1460 ed. Shepherd
OS 323 Dives and Pauper, Vol. 2, (actually Part 3, with Introduction, Notes and Glossary, see OS 275, 280) 15th ed. Barnum
OS 324 Seven Sages of Rome (Midland Version), Camb. Univ. Lib. Ms. Dd.I.17, romance 1400 ed. Whitelock
OS 325 Ancrene Wisse, Vol. 1, Introduction, text, emendations, publ. of (A) Camb. Corpus Christi Ms. 402 1270-1280 ed. Millett
OS 326 Ancrene Wisse, Vol. 2, Introduction, notes, glossary, proper names 1270-1280 ed. Millett, Dobson, Dance
OS 327 Gilte Legend, Vol. 1, in Middle English, text, bunch of saints, ends with St. James in July (menologium order) 1438 ed. Hamer
OS 328 Gilte Legend, Vol. 2, in Middle English, text, St. Christopher up into winter. (Supplementary Lives is OS 315; Vol. 3 is OS 339) 1438 ed. Hamer
OS 329 Uncollected Verse and Prose of Richard Rolle, with related Northern Texts 15th Rolle; ed. Hanna
OS 330 Heptateuch in Old English, and Ælfric’s Libellus de Veteri Testament et Nove
OS 331 Speculum Vitae, A Reading Ed., Vol. 1

OS 332 Speculum Vitae, A Reading Ed., Vol. 2

OS 333 Four Wycliffite Dialogues, Introduction, text, notes 1380-1420 ed. Somerset
OS 334 John Mirk’s Festial, Vol. 1, BL Ms. Cotton Claudius A. II 1403? ed. Powell
OS 335 John Mirk’s Festial, Vol. 2 1403? ed. Powell
OS 336 The Egerton Version of Mandeville’s Travels, BL Ms.Egerton 1982 1400 c. ed. Seymour
OS 337 - 338 A late Fifteenth Century Dominical Sermon Cycle, Vol. 1 & 2

OS 339 Gilte Legende, Vol. 3, introduction, notes, selected glosses, indexes. See OS 327, 328 for the texts 1438 ed. Hamer
OS 340 Two Revised Versions of Richard Rolle’s English Psalter Commentary and the Related Canticles, Vol. 1 (intro. and prologue and psalms 1-34) 1349, died Rolle; ed. Hudson
OS 341 Rolle’s English Psalter Commentary, Vol. 2, edited by Anne Hudson, (texts, psalms 35-115, see OS 343 for Vol. 3) 1349, died
Rolle; ed. Hudson
OS 342 The Prick of Conscience, edited by Ralph Hanna and Sarah Wood, based on 14th century mss. and 18th century printing by Richard Morris 14th ed. Hanna and Wood
OS 343 Rolle’s English Psalter Commentary, Vol. 3, edited by Anne Hudson (psalms 116-50 and Canticles 1-12) 1349, died Rolle; ed. Hudson
OS 344 Alexander Barclay, The Famous Cronycle of the Warre which the Romayns had agaynst Iugurth (Sallust’s Jugurthine Wars)
Barclay; ed. Greg Waite
OS 345 Poems from BL MS Harley 913: ‘The Kildare Manuscript’
ed. Thorlac Turville-Petre
OS 346 A Mirror to Devout People (Speculum devotorum)
ed. Paul J. Patterson
OS 347 The Craft of Lymmyng and The Maner of Steynyng: Middle English Recipes for Painters, Stainers, Scribes, and Illuminators 1300-1500
anonymous, ed. Mark Clarke
OS 348 The Scale of Perfection, Book II, by Walter Hilton, [Christian spiritual. This is supposed to be Book 2, but I don't know where Book 1 is.] 1396 Hilton, ed. Stanley S. Hussey and Michael Sargent

forthcoming, according to the EETS website

OS 349 and 350 Sir Bevis of Hampton, a romance, 2 volumes 1300 ed. Jennifer Fellows

* END of EETS at the moment

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